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VIP Special 3

VIP Special 3

Ready to watch Borealis?

  1. LOG-IN to your account at
  2. GO to upper right of Site…”Signed-in as Your Name” 
  3. SELECT My Library from the drop down menu.  
  4. ACCESS Borealis and Saving Flora 24/7 the whole month of December 2021 by clicking the movie poster.
  5. STREAM  from your TV, laptop, mobile or tablet. Compatible with Chrome cast and Airplay.
  6. GET ON-THE-GO ACCESS by downloading Hiraya Cinema at the App Store.

 Ready to join the Borealis Zoom kwentuhan with Ray on December 17?

  1. SIGN-UP by emailing (using the same email you used in creating your Hiraya Account).
  2. LET US KNOW the following information:
    1. Game! I want to join the Zoom kwentuhan with Rey on December 17, 8:00 pm. 
    2. Contact me at mobile number: ____________________________ for  updates. 
    3. Contact me at email:____________________________for updates.

The first ELEVEN sign-ups will automatically join the Hiraya 11 Movie Club for December 17. 

The first ELEVEN sign-ups will receive a Hiraya Chilax Box!

Your sesh with Rey will be streamed on Monday, 20 December at 8PM at  

Invite your friends to watch!

Happy you can Chillax @  Hiraya 11 Movie Club!  


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