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Theatron Movie Pass

For your first Hiraya Movie Xperience, here’s an easy step-by-step GUIDE.

Ready to watch your movie ?

  1. LOG-IN to your Hiraya Account at
  2. GO to upper right corner of the site page…”Signed-in as Your Name” 
  3. SELECT “My Library” from the drop down menu.  
  4. ACCESS your movie for 24/7 within the screening duration of the movie in the Hiraya Cinema by clicking the movie poster.
  5. STREAM  from your TV, laptop, mobile or tablet. Compatible with Chrome cast and Airplay. Follow notification for browser compatibility incase you need to update.

Here’s an added feature for your Hiraya Cinema Xperience! Check out the HIRAYA CINEMA APP download links for App Store & Google Play Store at the bottom portion of your LIBRARY. The Hiraya Cinema – TVCX is best Xperienced in desktops, laptops, or smart TVs. But for your movie screening access on the go, download the Hiraya Cinema APP to enjoy your HIRAYA ON-THE-GO-POCKET-CINEMA anywhere!

For any questions about your HIRAYA ACCOUNT, reach us at:

Enjoy your movies on your Hiraya Cinema – TVCX …Your Virtual Destination Platform!


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