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Hirayafest Movie Pass

For your first Hiraya Movie Xperience, here’s an easy step-by-step GUIDE on how to use your HIRAYAFEST MOVIE CODE.

  1. CREATE & SIGN IN to your Hiraya Cinema Account at
  2. GO TO menu tab: XPLORE Hiraya Cinema.
  4. CLICK the event poster of the movie festival of your choice.
  5. CHOOSE your movie & click the poster for your chosen date and time.
  6. SELECT “Buy Movie Ticket” button to enter MOVIE CODE.
  7. CLICK “I have Movie Code” box.
  8. ENTER your MOVIE CODE and click APPLY, then BUY button below.

Finish by checking your scheduled movie screening event in your account LIBRARY, and watch your movies on their specified screening day & time.

Here’s an added feature for your Hiraya Cinema Xperience… check out the HIRAYA CINEMA APP download links for App Store & Google Play Store at the bottom portion of your LIBRARY. The Hiraya Cinema – TVCX is best Xperienced in desktops, laptops, or smart TVs. But for your movie screening access on the go, download the Hiraya Cinema APP to enjoy your HIRAYA POCKET CINEMA anywhere!

Remember, each unique MOVIE CODE is only for 1 movie screening & for “one-time use only“. Once used, it will expire after the 3 HOUR Movie Screening Window. You may pause, resume or play the movie from the beginning within the allotted 3 hrs only. For more information on how to use your HIRAYAFEST Movie Code, email us at

Purchasing your movie pass 3-5 days in advance is highly recommended, for your relaxed scheduled screening and more time for food orders, or finding your best spot, or for simply preparing your popcorn & drinks!

Enjoy your movies on your Hiraya Cinema – TVCX!


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